Paul Wady, Sarah Saeed, Hannah Yahya Hussan, Alain English and Janine Booth standing together under a stage light.

Brighton Fringe hosts fully autistic theatre company

Audiences at this year’s Brighton Fringe can have an “informative, eye-opening experience” by meeting the Stealth Aspies – autistic performers out to reshape how the public think about the condition.

Formed at the first Autism Arts Festival in 2017, the company combine their own poetry with verbatim testimonies, sourced from surveys of autistic people.

For performer Sarah Saeed, the authentic representation of these voices by an entirely autistic cast is vital, as it offers perspectives some audience members could never have imagined.

“Historically autism has been described and depicted from the outside,” she said.

“It is definitely one of the most misunderstood neurological conditions that humanity experiences.”

The show has enjoyed a string of successful receptions in and around London, with audiences reportedly being “blown away” by the insights and experiences shared.

Hannah Yahya Hassan, the youngest member of the company, said: “Personally, to me it means an opportunity for growth from the general public.

“Giving them the opportunity to open their minds to what autism actually is.”

Stealth Aspies can be seen at Sweet Werks 1, Middle Street, Brighton, from May 13-19 at 6.35pm. Tickets are £8 (£6.50 concessions), with the show being suitable for those 10 years and older.

More information about the performers can be found at For tickets, visit